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Multiplexing for a 7 year old

I have been wanting to make a LED clock for sometime and can’t really believe I never have. So I rummaged through some parts and found some nice 4 segment LED displays. I found some code for a simple clock … Continue reading

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Dual Boot LED Control, RGB to HEX Converter

OK, so a while ago I fell in live with these Nokia 5110/3310 LCD displays. They use a library from adafruit.com that you can find here. They are small, fast, and don’t gobble up a lot of current. So I … Continue reading

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JOS – Open Source Menu Interface for Arduino/TFTLCD

***UPDATE*** There is updated code that works with the current Adafruit libraries! New post is here. 🙂 So I ordered a 2.8″ TFTLCD with touchscreen from Adafruit and really wanted to do more than 1 “screenfull” of stuff. So I stayed … Continue reading

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“Breathing” Sleep LED

I always have loved Apple and their non-jerky, fluid like GUI in all of their OS’s. Then I noticed it even with their hardware when I got my MacBook Pro over 3 years ago. My older PC’s always had a … Continue reading

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Ahh.. electronic stuff!

Hi everyone, projects to come soon! Some new, some not so new. I have lots of stuff to share along with some picts, vids, schematics, and code. I think I’m going to have some fun with this. And I have … Continue reading

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