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Me working on a  smart LED exhibit built into the floor at NASA KSC in Florida.

This site is for the selling/documenting/showing off custom electronics that I make. I am involved in making custom gadgets that utilize microprocessors that can create exactly what you are looking for by writing software to complement hardware design.

I have always been fascinated with LED’s. I hooked my first one up in 1985, and have been hooked on light ever since. I built my first “traffic light” out of cut up christmas lights in 1983 at the age of 8. I got heavily involved in CMOS and TTL in my teen years. I always liked that, but was limited to what I could build by knowledge, budget, and most of all limited hardware. I discovered micro-controllers at the end of 2008. I got an Arduino Duemilanove for Christmas in 2008. I had no idea of the potential of the item I had bought. I started hooking up LED’s and little things, then character LCD’s, accelerometers, temp sensors, photocells, graphic LCD’s, TFT LCD’s, touch screens, and then I was awakened to the fact that these devices can talk to a lot of other devices as well as themselves! This made the creation process almost limitless bundled with the power of an Atmel 328PU, my favorite micro-controller.

I have a great strive for excellence. I sometimes (most always) have a tendency to overdo things. This is a good and bad thing at the same time. Although I might take a little longer to complete the project, it will be feature rich as well as easy to use. I love putting displays on everything. Light/LED controller for my workbench? Just a light switch right? Um.. no. Have fun gleaming from my overdoing things as well as my strive for excellence.

I also am a musician and activly play the drums, bass and piano. I fiddle with acoustic/electric guitar, but it’s not my main instrument. I really like the creative aspect of music and enjoy playing with good (creative!) musicians in my church.

Please enjoy the photo’s, video’s, and the code as you have fun and explore this exciting world of electrons and creativity.

Feel free to email me at Jeremy at thecustomgeek-dot-com. (Sorry, dang spambots..)

My 1985 C10 long bed.

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