RGBW LED Controller ver 2.2!

Control your blinky!!!

Meet the RGBW LED Controller. It is a LED controller that features an embedded ATmega328 with an Arduino bootloader for easy programming, 4 channel LED control with dimming, 5 or 12 volt output, IR receiver, XBee header, RS-232 or TTL serial I/O, 2 push buttons, 12 pin extensions for all unused pins (6 analog and 6 digital), power and channel LED indicators, and dual power input options. You can control 5 or 12 volt LED’s via serial with adjustments to the level of any channel with ramping to the desired level, rate of ramping, color cycle start and stop, rate of color cycle, length of stay on each color during cycle. Fans and motors can also be driven with ease. You can buy one for only $35 with the Paypal link below! Be sure and also visit the complete assembly tutorialPower suppliesRGB and white LED strips, FTDI Friend or FTDI Cable and XBee’s and XBee adapters are available at Adafruit!

Updates include an additional power input option, more pin options, thicker traces for more power handling, and some slight fixes/adjustments.

I now have an updated downloadable PDF manual with pictures and linked index! 🙂

You can purchase them in the store!

Remember, this is not a shield, it works standalone, without an Arduino!

11 thoughts on “RGBW LED Controller ver 2.2!

  1. Nice one. Pop a RTC on there and a modded wave shield with bird sounds and have this drive the lighting in your bedroom and you’ll have a pleasant wake-up room instead of a wimpy Phillips wake-up light.

  2. hi,
    how many amp of rgb led on the output you can controller with one controller?

    • Hi Paul, you can easily control 5 meters of RGB strips with this, and I have even done more than that in testing. I had over 2A per channel without a problem and thing running normal. How many LED’s are you looking to drive?

  3. Dude, awesome! I also like that this can do PWM to anything really. At the end of you video you controlled it using your iPhone. I assume your phone talked to a computer that controlled your board via serial. Could you point me in the right direction to look at that? I cant find anything reliable on the app store. But being able to just pull out your phone and tap a button or move a slider makes any project impressive. Especially to the non hacker/makers out there that has no idea the amount of work that goes into something that seems SO simple. I just stumbled across this bog and stayed up till the wee hours soaking it all in. Awesome job man.

    • Please excuse the lack of grammar and spelling. Wow! Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

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  5. Hello, where can I get the arduino sketch, I couldn’t find a link to it ?!

    thanks !

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