Quietish Ray Gun

Hi everyone! I had an idea a while ago to modify this toy ray gun my kids have. The problem you ask? Noise. Too much noise. The bribe? more blinky in exchange for less noise. Here I will take a toy noise gun, upgrade the lighting, reduce the noise, and save parental brain cells! It’s a win win operation. So why the motivation to do this today? Because I gave it back to them this morning..

Arduino sketch here

Eagle file here

Schematic PDF here (if you don’t have Eagle)

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2 Responses to Quietish Ray Gun

  1. Candace Saglimbeni says:

    Your mom said to tell you that’s just how she’d have modified it. Yep. She taught you well. Cool beaners, Jerem. Oh, yeah, I AM your mother, and proud to be!

  2. Niek says:

    Nice! i think you should add vibration with little pager motors, that’d be even MORE awesome 🙂

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