Arduino, Eagle, and Schematic Files

All files are now on my Github page!

This page contains the CadSoft Eagle PCB Design files, schematics, and Arduino files of the projects that I make. I am in the Open Source Hardware camp, and all of my projects I post on this blog are under the Creative Commons License. (cc-by-sa)

RGBW LED Controller v3.1

Github page (Arduino and Eagle Files)

Solar Temperature Badge

Arduino sketch

Eagle Schematic

Schematic PDF

RGBW Controller

Arduino Sketch

Eagle Files

Schematic File (PDF)

Quietish Ray Gun

Arduino sketch

Eagle file here

Schematic PDF here (if you don’t have Eagle)

RGB LCD Arduino Intervalometer

Arduino intervalometer code

Eagle intervalometer schematic (Eagle format)

Eagle intervalometer schematic (PDF format)

Intervalometer Parts List (Numbers format)

Intervalometer Parts List (Excel format)

Intervalometer Parts List (PDF format)

Using PWM outputs with an Arduino and a LED

Serial controlled Arduino code

Shorter fading Arduino code

Programming in a ZIF!

Eagle Files

Image Files

Controlling high power (or high number of) LED’s with an Arduino

Arduino file (hardbutton)

Arduino file (serial)

Tic Tac Touch

Arduino file

Multiplexing for a 7 year old

Arduino file

Schematic (Eagle file)

Schematic (png file)

Arduino Police LED Strobes

Arduino file

RGB HEX Converter

Arduino file

JOS – Open Source Menu Interface for Arduino/TFTLCD

Arduino file

“Breathing” Sleep LED

Arduino file

14 thoughts on “Arduino, Eagle, and Schematic Files

  1. Hello there Jeremy!

    First things first I want thank you for making this site! I find it very useful for even beginners in electronics and programming like me.

    I am very interested in the serial controlled led sketch but I am unable to download it. Maybe you linked them incorrectly or your file server is probably out of reach. Is it possible to email me the sketches?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi István, sorry you could not download the files, I checked and the links are good, maybe it was during server maintenance or something. I emailed the sketch to you, enjoy!

  2. Hello Jeremy,

    I could not find any other way of contacting you other than posting a comment here to let you I can not register an account in you site. I keep getting “ERROR: You have entered blank CAPTCHA phrase.” I do the math and click on register.

    I have a project in mind that requires controlling 108 12v fans (0.4ma). I want to do this with Arduino but can’t find any board with that many pins. I bought Peggy2Le board but it turns out the 625 pins (LEDs) it provides are PWM. Any suggestion?

    You probebly want to delete this comment and email me.

    I got a DSO Nano today and upgraded the firmware, thx to you.
    Thank you

  3. Hey Jeremy, I am a newbie to Arduino. I have built 40 or 50 circuits with it, but I just can’t figure out what the Eagle files are. I have done many searches but it keeps throwing the Eagle files back to me from the Arduino site and they don’t tell you anything about them. Could you explain what they are.

  4. Very nice info here, thanks for sharing and making it available! Is there a chance you could post the capacitor and resistor values for the “One Sq Inch” Arduino project? And what kind of crystal is used there?

    • Hi Vilts, this post got stuck in a spam filter! The values are 18pF for the caps on the crystal, and .1µF for the reset cap. The crystal being used is an Abracon ABM3B-16.000MHZ-B2-T.

  5. Hi Jeremy, I have succesfully made the RGBW-kit. I’m looking for the possibility to control it by my Android-things. I prefer a version for bluetooth.
    Do You have any apps, software or tips for this?

    Greatings from the Netherlands
    Many thanks

    • Hi Romsys, I had used the OSC app for iPhone connected to Wi-Fi, then a computer on the same network running a processing sketch, connected to the RGBW Controller. You can find the processing sketch I used here: Make sure you load the Standard Firmata sketch on the RGBW Controller, it is in Examples, Firmata, Standard Firmata.

  6. Hello Jeremy great to be on your site,
    Thanks for creating this great site.Which is useful for beginners.
    I am a computer science student, my friends and me are interested in building a wireless electrical switch.So that you can control the bulb or power outlet using our smartphones.But we aren’t able to decide upon the components required for this project and we are pretty much confused about the components required .So if you could please help us in our project.And also where can I learn about other electrical components (like mbed,ardiuno,zigbee,xbee and other microcontrollers and other stuff)

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  7. Hello Jermey , thanks for creating this great site where we can learn electronics even for

    I am a computer science student my friends and me are interested in building a electric switch that can be controlled through smartphone.Currently,we are not able to decide upon the hardware components of switch.And also where can we learn about these components.So can you please help us Jermey on selecting the right haedware components.


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