Quiet your fan please, I’m working.

So I got a new power supply this last week, and thats a good thing right? It’s 0-30 volts, 0-5 amps, programmable, voltage and current limiting, and LOUD!!! The loud part had to be fixed, it was driving me batty! So the first thing I did was crack open the unit and get the size and voltage of the fan, went to my favorite computer parts website and found a ’15dB’ fan that looked pretty good, and it was only $11. And 5 days away. (It was the weekend and I’m to cheap to pay for speedy shipping on a fan.)

I then remembered I had about 12 different 80mm computer case fans under my other work bench. I fired up all of those and selected the quietest one. I went with the one I had to save 5 days of extra noise and 11 bucks. It was a quick swap out, no blinky, microcontrollers, or even passive circuit mods, but a welcomed simple mod to my ears. 🙂