JOS – Updated!!!

I did it, I finally found some down time to update JOS to work with current libraries from Adafruit. Below is a link to the new code on Github. A few notes to look at are listed below.

First, this is code for the Touch Shield, but it can easily be changed to the breakout board, and don’t forget to uncomment the ‘#define USE_ADAFRUIT_SHIELD_PINOUT’ line in Adafruit_TFTLCD.h file.

Also, this sketch has pin 3 setup as the backlight on the shield. This way you have PWM control over the backlight. You can accomplish this by cutting the VCC trace and soldering the PIN3 jumper on the back of the shield. You can read more on how to do that here.

This sketch has EEPROM settings, if you have not used them before, the values will be zero and need to be set. There are notes about this in the sketch on lines 92 & 93.

If you don’t know what JOS is, you can check it out here. (What’s a JOS anyway?)

Happy sketching! The code is here:—TFT-Menu-System

16 thoughts on “JOS – Updated!!!

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  2. Mmm, looks very nice. You obviously put a lot of effort in designing this “OS” (I’d say it’s a GUI, doesn’t matter really). I wish I had the hardware to test it ;p

  3. almost working….

    above you write to uncomment the #define USE_ADAFRUIT_SHIELD_PINOUT line
    so i did this:

    // comment or uncomment the next line for special pinout!

    still IDE 1.0.1 says:

    sketch_aug29a.cpp:10:3: error: #error “For use with the shield, make sure to #define USE_ADAFRUIT_SHIELD_PINOUT in the TFTLCD.h library file”

    in the sketch i read this:

    #if not defined USE_ADAFRUIT_SHIELD_PINOUT
    #error “For use with the shield, make sure to #define USE_ADAFRUIT_SHIELD_PINOUT in the TFTLCD.h library file”

    so in sketch it must be defined and to uncomment is to not define… just confused here, very good work you have done…. my first hack is to make a wifi-shield config section

  4. Oh, just noticed: there are typos in the code “JOS_Touch_15.ino” comments:
    line 797 “increese”;
    856 “decreese”;
    1071 “whit”.
    (Photographic memory and fast reading FTW!)

  5. quick fix was to uncomment the line in Adafruit_TFTLCD.h and put a “1” at the end of the line

    of course this might not be correct but at least it can compile

  6. This is getting really frustrating. Maybe I’m just missing something. Every time I load your sketch and get ready to compile it I get all these errors. I have downloaded all the libraries from Adafruit, I have unzipped and renamed them as instructed on “their” instructions, is this wrong?
    I have this folder structure:
    path/to/sketchbook/libraries/Touchscreen (where the Touchscreen.h &Touchscreen.cpp file is)
    path/to/sketchbook/libraries/Adafruit_TFTLCD (where the Adafruit_TFTLCD and Adafruit_TFTLCD.cpp files are)
    I have the same for the GFX folder.
    My folder with your sketch in it is in path/to/sketchbook/Menu Display Folder outside the sketchbook/libraries folder
    The errors I’m constantly getting are as follows,
    “JOS_TFT_Touch_ALPHA_LS.cpp:3:20: error: TFTLCD.h: No such file or directory
    JOS_TFT_Touch_ALPHA_LS.pde:-1: error: ‘TFTLCD’ does not name a type
    JOS_TFT_Touch_ALPHA_LS.cpp: In function ‘void setup()’:
    “etc etc etc its alot after these initial errors.
    What am I doing wrong? I have tried to rename the Adafruit_TFTLCD folder, files etc to avail.
    Please help, I love your menu and want to use it really bad!
    Much Appreciated,

    • Please disregard, I’m just tired after today and don’t read very well when I’m tired. Dude your awesome!!! I’d buy you a beer if I could! Great job!! Much appreciated!!!

      • No sweat, I’ve done it myself. More than once.

        On a serious note, I would like to see an update on the Arduino IDE for better handling of libraries.. It needs some work in my opinion.

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  8. I can only get it to work if I leave #define USE_ADAFRUIT_SHIELD_PINOUT commented out. Otherwise I just get a white screen. And the only way that I can get the touchscreen to work is to leave esleep = 3;, and blv = 255; commented in. Any idea why this is?
    Anyway it works so that rocks.. Awesome job

  9. Hey Jeremy! Thanks for updating for the new libraries. I actually used your project as a skeleton for mine and it worked out great! I actually ported yours to the new libraries myself so I know how much work it was with the function changes they made in the library.

    My question is, how did you convert the colors from RGB to be used in your sketch? I think i saw a couple posts on the Adafruit forums about it but don’t recall finding a definitive answer. Thanks!

  10. was my quick fix the wrong or right way?

    ie the sketch says to comment out but then i get errors…

    • Hi Bo, you should have the following in the Adafruit_TFTLCD.h file:

      // comment or uncomment the next line for special pinout!

      Note that this is done in the file Adafruit_TFTLCD.h, not in the actual Arduino Sketch. It is located in your AdafruitTFTLCD folder which is in your libraries folder which is in your Arduino sketchbook folder.

  11. yeah i have that line

    i was just confused i guess… somewhere i read to comment out the line…. but i was wrong i see

    but how do i define the pin out? done an gsm remote before so i know a bit arduino but still “green”

    on a side note… how hard would you think it would be to use the OS to control a clothes drier? i still have to order the screen but i have a 2560 mega and refly wifi shield… thought it would be cool to also have wifi access. in the end i would like to be able to make a “kit” of some kind, the goal would be to use variable heat control to minimize the overshoot of poweruse and maybe reduce the heat and run for longer to save money…

  12. btw for my clothes dryer idea i have a thread going on at arduino forum, i could use all the help i can get. the “final” “product” will be documented so that others can copy it freely. or they can have me put together something.

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