SMD Soldering – You can do it!

Here is a video on SMD (Surface Mount Device) soldering. In this video I show how to solder some SMD components on to a little board with an ATtiny85V, switch, LED, and resistor. The short version of this video just shows the resistor and LED (size 603) being soldered, the long version of this video shows everything being soldered. It’s really neat to open up the world of SMD. You can make really tiny (and cheap!) widgets!

Pick up tweezers, SMD storage boxes, Panavise Jr, USB Microscope, and soldering supplies at

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, give it a try!

3 thoughts on “SMD Soldering – You can do it!

    • Hi Geri, it was bought over a span of time, a little at a time. 😉 This is my profession as well, so those same tools make me money as well.
      I’m a smart shopper, always looking for deals to save money. 🙂

  1. Hi, Jeremy.
    I hope to get someday to get my own bussiness making this kind of things you do.
    My actual job is about repairing cellphones. I see SMD and BGA everyday.
    When I’m working with iron i like to use the flux, it’s a useful tool and it help me to make a “pretty melting” of the solder.
    By the way, I support Geri: “Very nice equipment you have there….”

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