Nokia 5110 LCD Color Change

I was sitting at my dining room table the other night looking at a project, and thought, wow, that Nokia 5110 display would look really good in red! I was right..

I wanted one in green and decided to share how it was done. This is a quick video of how to change the LED’s on a Nokia 5110 display from Adafruit. Really quite simple, but it requires removing the glass LCD from the board (be careful!). If you are not familiar with these LCD’s, they are low power, fast, easy to read in sunlight, and cheap. Kind of hard to beat really. I have used them before in projects and have always been happy with the results. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Nokia 5110 LCD Color Change

  1. what is the project/code you are using at 6:42, i realize it is a gps. i am working on one too and would appreciate peeking at that code! thanks

  2. Forget adafruit – you can find exactly same LCD on Ebay for less than 5 bucks including shipping

    • Yes, true you can find cheap stuff on Ebay at a risk, but I choose to support the people who provided the library as well as outstanding customer support. I am also a big proponent of supporting open source hardware companies.

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