RGBW LED Controller v3.1

The new RGBW LED Controller is here! The video above shows some of the things it can do, but here is a list of improvements:

IRLB8721PBF MOSFET’s – More power!

Double sided and thicker board traces

More output headers

Cleaner board layout – All power and LED connections on one side – rounded corners

Improved serial capture method with feedback

Support for solid color commands (magenta, cyan, gold, RGB white, orange, light blue, light green, violet, pink, and RGB warm white)

More control from button inputs – long and short press commands

EEPROM memory of LED levels when powered off/on

IR control mode! – Full control of all channels and a memory recall function Get the remote here: http://www.adafruit.com/products/389

Wireless control via XBee! Get an Adafruit XBee adaptor here: http://www.adafruit.com/products/126

Backward compatible! The new software set will work on version 3.0, 2.2, and 1.9!

In stock and shipping from our store now!

New firmware and cad files available at https://github.com/jersagfast/RGBW-31.

The manual is here: RGBW LED Controller v31


2 thoughts on “RGBW LED Controller v3.1

  1. i am thinking about getting this kit it would be a first for me and would like to do my kitchen like yours. Looking for some support information. how many led used say per foot what type and where you got them. thanks!!!!

  2. Hi Jerry, this was done using LED strip. The controller will drive 12V LED strip, either 30 LED’s per meter (This was used on top of the cabinets), or 60LED’s per meter (this was used under the cabinets).

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