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JOS – Updated!!!

I did it, I finally found some down time to update JOS to work with current libraries from Adafruit. Below is a link to the new code on Github. A few notes to look at are listed below. First, this … Continue reading

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Nokia 5110 LCD Color Change

I was sitting at my dining room table the other night looking at a project, and thought, wow, that Nokia 5110 display would look really good in red! I was right..

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RGB LCD Arduino Intervalometer

I am getting ready to sell some kits and wanted a good way to photograph the assembly without fumbling around trying to hold a camera in one hand and a project in the other. The answer? An intervalometer. A device … Continue reading

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Controlling high power (or high number of) LED’s with an Arduino

A while ago I posted about my bench lights, and have gotten a number of request for schematics and code. I’ll gladly put the code up, but I also wanted to explain what I did so that others can create … Continue reading

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Tic Tac Touch

OK, so I haven’t posted in a while because I have been working on some bigger projects, but yesterday, I took a two hour break and made a 2 player tic tac toe game. I did this with an Arduino … Continue reading

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