The DSO Nano v2 Pocket Oscilloscope Explained

Hi everybody! I have had a few request for information about the small portable pocket scope I’m using in a few of my videos, so I’m going to share it with you. In this video, I’ll walk you through installing the BenF Firmware as well take you through the menu structure and functions of the device.¬†Seeed Studio did a fantastic job with this little device, it really is an awesome portable tool. Compared to the stock firmware, the BenF firmware has better navigation, features, and the SD card features work a lot smoother.

The Nano (DSO Nano v2) is a great tool for a great price! You can get them for under $100, they come with a case, 2 sets of probes, a stand, and it’s open source!

Below is the feature summary from the manual and the links to the scope product page, firmware manual, firmware and firmware install tool.

*UPDATE: Adafruit now sells this scope! ūüôā
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Pogo Probes!

Pogo probes!

Everyone likes new tools right? Well, my eye caught some¬†neat pogo probes¬†posted on the¬†Adafruit Industries Blog¬†a few months back, and¬†was intrigued. I wanted a pair, but I shied away from the short handles. Then, a few days ago, it happened. I was cleaning out one of my toolboxes, and voila! I found a pair of old probes with bent tips, perfect for making into pogo probes. I also had some¬†pogo pins from Adafruit¬†laying around, waiting to be used for something besides having breadboard wars with ‘micro spears’. Anyway, here is how I made them with a few pictures. You will need an old pair of meter probes, pogo pins, a small hand drill, a Dremel with a cut off wheel (a steel hacksaw will also work), a vice,¬†heat shrink, and a few ounces of patience¬†for this project.

*Just a side note: the vice used in these pictures is a¬†PanaVice Jr. I got mine from Adafruit Industries. I did not want to mount mine to my bench permanently, so I filled the base solid with lead. It is awesome, if you don’t have one,¬†get one. It will change your life. (Actual life changing experience may vary.)

Step 1: Select a probe to convert. It doesn’t matter if the end is bent as it will be cut off anyway.

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