Fun with a few 9V batteries. (244 of them)

9V battery. ish.

So I needed a break from working on a project again, and I remembered that I had a bunch of 9V batteries and thought, ‘I wonder if that would be enough voltage to hold an arc?‘. The answer is yes, it would. So I made a little video of melting some alligator clips and crispifying some LED’s, a CD, and a cap. Or at least trying to blow up the cap, that was one tough cookie..

I used 244 9V batteries, that were not new, but not dead. When you do the math, this should be 2,196 Volts, but that is when they are new. I measured (in blocks) 2,000 volts total. Lots of sparky..


Do not try this at home. You might get shocked. I am not responsible for anything or anyone that gets damaged if you try to recreate this. Again, just to be clear, do not try this at home. Ever.


Now, enjoy the video. 🙂