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Nokia 5110 LCD Color Change

I was sitting at my dining room table the other night looking at a project, and thought, wow, that Nokia 5110 display would look really good in red! I was right..

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Stress Relief..

So I had a long day, and as I was cleaning my office I found some LED’s that were less than optimal. I’m not usually destructive, but it was time to blow them up. I love how the LED’s physically … Continue reading

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Solar Temperature Badge

Adafruit now carries Solar Badges! It’s like free outdoor 5V batteries forever! I picked up a few of these and have been toying around what I’m going to do with them. They pump out 5V at 40mA for all of … Continue reading

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RGBW LED Controller

Control your blinky! Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that I have completed my RGBW LED controller kit and it is now for sale!┬áThis kit is a LED controller that features an embedded ATmega328 with an Arduino bootloader for … Continue reading

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Automation Intro

I wanted to give a tour/crash course on automation systems, so I put together a video showing some of what an automation system can do. I ran through everything kind of fast, so I will do more videos getting into … Continue reading

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